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Le 8

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The numeric give him the ambition, a need for physical security, (much like the 16-Maison-Dieu), in which he devoted much energy.

His ideas were quickly arrested on a judgment, which usually, it does not really come back; It is not in its nature. The way of life is marked by the need for success, including social. The intellect (mind), has an important place in their homes. Communication is important for them (as per 3 (Empress)

For the day of birth, or day and month of birth: 8-17-26-2 +6 = 35 = 3 or 5, the date of which full results added to one of these numbers or numbers.

For the year numerology 8, logically, it should be a kind of balance of the year, but not stubbornness or blindness.

It is expected to lay the foundation for the future new round, the likely new life that will point the tip of his nose, next year, numérologiquement speaking, it motivates for the material, which will not be among those qu'amplifiés the most materialistic.

We should be able to free itself of a number of weight that we ourselves are made.

The intransigence may be particularly strong this year. One judge even easier others.

Working his fort-intérieur a little more flexibility. The year can be beneficial in financial terms. The risks are significant disagreements, either with the family or with the outside world.

If it is a particularly litigious person who commits a little easy trial, against anyone's discomfort, it is not this year it will ease ....

It is not this year, either, that his trial will result.

On 8 Gives skills throughout the field of concrete and business, and is subject to happen in the physical world. Endowed with a strong sense of organization capable of management and administration, it is effective, ambitious, materialistic, responsible and trustworthy. Concret, practical and realistic, it seeks to assume a form of power. He likes to lose, luxury and brightness and can be prone to ostentation. Where has the money, it is generous, with the soul of a patron. He likes order and stability, and confidence in itself gives it a certain magnetism; Moreover the latter element, which is a form of power, can bring it to pursue a profession in conjunction with care , magnetic healing, for example.

The possible through:

Autoritarisme, pretension, arrivisme, sometimes dishonesty, and all sorts of abuses related to the exercise of power.

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