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the 18

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A concern in the negative one. An imagination made profitable of arts, or in the fields where the imaginary one is necessary, will be very favorable.

Music, painting… Their talent will be undeniable. If one quickly pushes the child towards these fields; concern less, because will be put at the service of the others, and especially of a field in which they will evolve/move without problems. If you go quietly, with patience on your way, the events will be run rather gently.

This year is a little as that of the 2 (Papesse) of the 14 (Temperance). It is one year when it is indicated not to seek to accelerate rate.

Not to seek to start; the result cannot take place for action taken in these 12 months. The imaginary due one to the 18 (the star), especially if it appears in particular over the day of birth, or the year of birth is important this year.

Natural concern at some (E) S, can be more important this year. A paranoiac side could be emphasized.

Heu, afflicted, but there too, good courage for the entourage which will have extremely to make to try to reassure…. Generally without much result; concern is definitely well anchored.

This year marks the end of a cycle, therefore courage, one leaves over new ways, but slowly, the next year .....

Patience, Patience.

Positive, even very positive note: O): For those and those whose imagination is naturally fertile, and especially, especially, used very well, in a constructive way

Confer aptitudes for the organization, the order and scheduling, with the administration, energy of par with provisions for all that relates to the public, the social one, the foreigner, the distance. Broad of spirit, altruist, generous, the subject is opened and sympathetic nerve, attracting. It can, for its example, being a source of inspiration for the others, a model to be followed. Credit, creative and endowed with imagination, it is attracted by the voyages, terrestrial or of the heart. It can be concerned of near or by far by the financial circles and of businesses, and particularly those dependent on the philanthropic fields or of the humanitarian aid. The spiritual opening is important, as well as the gift of oneself, and more the opening not involved on the world will be broad, plus the subject will obtain personal rewards from them.

Through possible:
Quibbling, anger, selfishness, destabilization, or attempts to divert the influences with the exclusive satisfaction of its own needs.

The numerologic personal year in 18, or 9 (18=1+8=9), is thus supplemented by the blade, the mystery of Hermit 9.

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