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Le 2

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Your silence, your reserve, your intuition, or quite simply your amount of natural patience, are your best chances.

You show generally of discretion and an appreciable or appreciated safety of judgement.

You believe in your for interior that pleasant and positive things prepare, that you are not always the actor or the author, but that does not worry you.

You wait with serenity. In any case, you live the things very internally.

You reflect much and well; you receptive and very are often well inspired.
You listen to the others but you prefer to listen to your small voice.
If you are in the one Twenty - 11 or 2, patience is put to the test, it would be better to avoid still launching you in great projects this year.

This year is judicious being favourable with the reflexion, even ideal to follow a formation to improve you in the field which holds you with heart since so a long time.
There are few chances that a realization this year continues its impetus….

In all the cases, slowness will be of setting.
If the 2 day of birth, from Papesse comes from (11 Force=1+1=2), the person seeks to be essential.
She will give orders easily. The concept of association is important for them, amongst other things by the marriage.

But also in the professional field; they need to be surrounded. They do not have the autonomy of the juggler.
The emotional plan and sentimental A more importance than the facts in themselves. They often have a tinted humour of sarcastic remark, to say what they think.

It is necessary to leave them the possibility of being expressed, or of changing the ideas.
It is not obvious with these personalities to know the state of their moral. They let appear only one small part of the fact that they really feel.

For the days of birth, or day + month of birth: 2 - 11 - 20 - 29 (2+9=11=2) or whose added whole date of birth leads to the one of these figure and numbers

Aptitudes to be worked in collaboration with the others, pushing with the associative activities or of team more than to the solitary and individual actions. Diplomat, the subject prefers to use the art of persuasion rather than the force. Co-operative and adaptable, it is extremely sensitive to the feelings of the others and needs evidence of affection and tenderness. It is gifted to make

to reign the harmony, to arbitrate the delicate situations and seeks calms it and softness, as well in its occupation as in its hearth as he likes soft and comfortable.

Through possible:
Over-sensitiveness, tendencies cyclothymic or depressive, lack of self-confidence, failing will, absence of combativeness, fears unjustified and inhibitions.

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