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the 15

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By numerology, one discovers here the illusions, the mirages.

It is the number of temptations par excellence. Disappointments can be important if one does not ask for assistance… 1+5=6=tentation of going in a direction or another. In the way of the facility, or that of the difficulty, more instructive.

But made constructive, this potential is exceptional… Energy that deploy much, in the jealousy, or any other overflow; is well misused…

Your numerologic personal year is in 15 (1+5) and 6, to see in love one, energy in you is very important.

But it should not be confused with that produced by the 11 (the Force). The energy of the 15, in particular on the sexual level, all the most personal instincts, more the close friends. This year is often intermingled with needs, desires, temptations against which one does not seek so much to fight…. And yet, energy spent could be much more constructive. Disappointments are likely to be important if the instincts took the top ..... In the professional field, one can feel higher than the others….

Confer the taste of the responsibilities, and the aptitude for living and working in harmony with the others. The subject is double, responsible on a side, independent of the other, and it seeks balance in any thing. Helpful, conscientious, understanding, magnet, conclusive, it attracts sympathy and obtains thanks and gratifications of its entourage. The hearth and the family have an extreme importance: it is a good partner, a good relative. He can live a stable, quiet and durable union. Nevertheless it is perfectionist, élitiste, even, and rejects all those which it does not consider worthy of interest. Enthusiast of peace and harmony, it is particularly sensitive to the esthetics and the various forms of art, including decoration. This concern of the beauty is also expressed in the care which it takes to its physique and its appearance.

Through possible:
Over-sensitiveness, abuse the responsibilities at the point to interfere in the businesses of others, too much requirement, too great perfectionism or pointillism.

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