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Le 22

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This Master a number confers aptitudes for the organization on a high level which allow about bringing to a successful conclusion companies of great dimension being able to touch with the wellbeing of humanity. He is responsible, serious, hard-working, idealistic, altruistic and must permanently establish the link between the concrete one and the abstract. He is endowed with a great interior force which goes hand in hand with an important nervous tension. Intuitive and inspired, it must go in the direction of its ideals, channel its energies for the good of all and develop an interior research in order to be carried out fully. It will have to be surrounded qualified people who will be capable to apply her ideas and her projects. Lastly, it will have to take care to protect its emotional life, the tendency being to make it pass in the second plan.

Through possible:

Be likely to confuse the dream and reality, Utopia, megalomania, exclusive research of the material richnesses, dogmatism, research of the capacity, hyperemotivity.

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