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Le 30

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Confer aptitudes verbal and related to all the types of creation, expression and communication, on the most level. The subject will be able to succeed in artistic ways or those allowing him to use its talents of speaker, to practise the art of persuasion, because it excels there. Its sociability, its charm, its tempting and conclusive side are additional assets which it will have to take care to use judiciously. It is clear that with such assets the emotional life will have as difficulties only those which it will test to choose and to fix itself. Because the other side of the coin is the risk very Net not to know to use this completely exceptional potential. The possibilities of errors, lightness, superficiality of an easy and made life society life watch for it, more seriously for him than for whoever.

Through possible:
Scatter of activities and energy, libertinage, a sterile emotional life, all risks of scandalmongering, commérage, and misuse of its verbal talents.

confer aptitudes for all the types of communication, expression, creation, like the word and the song, the writing, painting or the sculpture.

The subject must develop a friendly and sociable temperament, use the optimism and the joy in life which characterize it, miser on its direction of the conversation, its charm and its seduction.

Its capacities of personal action are multiplied by ten by its vitality and its energy which enable him to multiply its centers of interest; a hobby or an artistic or creative calling is not to neglect, but quite to the contrary to cultivate.

Through possible:
Scatter of activities and energy, fickleness, tendency to sterile chatterings or commérages, eccentricity, jealousy.

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