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the 16

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Confer aptitudes for the mental, technical, scientific or specialized activities. Rational, logical and strongly introspective, the subject is a true thinking reed, that going hand in hand with a certain nervousness and irritability. Its independence is such as it arrives sometimes that it insulates it: it will be necessary for him to take care not to put a too long distance between him and the others. It is true that it appreciates the soft and quiet life particularly, far from the noise and of the agitation of the city, calms it, the rest, the countryside and the proximity of water being necessary to him. Its reserve and a great influence on itself can be perceived by the others like signs of coldness and indifference, whereas basically it is very sensitive, even if it cannot show it. In general, the events will tend to occur without it needing to cause them: it is enough for him to cultivate patience and to develop its optimism.

Through possible:

Exacerbated perfectionism, maladjustment being able to go until the feeling of persecution, fear of the failure, aggressiveness or inhibition, schizoid tendency being able to involve far from reality.

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