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Le 7

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Numerology emphasizes appearances, if important for the dates of birth which contain this figure; especially in the addition of the year. One can be easily a prisoner (appearances?) also with this figure 7, whether it is alone or after the addition of the 16=1+6=7.

The idealism is an outstanding data on their premises. They need to imagine, this would not be that to manage to rise towards a level of conscience more high A the image of the 2 (Papesse) and the 20 (Judgement).

One could say that they are often the théâtreux ones.

They like to parade in company, or at least, what is called to be well accompanied (E) S

One 7 for a man will appreciate that his wife is elegant, pretty. And this, especially if it is sign of the ram, lion or, of Sagittarius.

For the days of birth, or day + added months of birth: 7 - 16 - 25=5+2 - 34=3+4 or whose added whole date leads to the one of these figure and numbers.

Your personal, numerologic year is 7 or into 16 (1+6=7)

In 7, if you badly began your cycle, 7 years ago, you feel captive of what you lived, or rather let make.

You have many means this year of concluding projects their. The voyages, displacements are with the honor.
Especially if you have one 7 in addition of elements of your date of birth; not large thing will not be able to slow down you in your dash. New ways open with you, especially if you are naturally style to be advanced. The projects towards the others are always favoured. The efforts will be with the order not day, but of the year; but if they are well carried out, isl will lead you to success.

The 7 Confers aptitudes for the specialized activities: philosophical scientists, techniques or. Introspective, the subject is also given, obstinate and not very adaptable, generally preferring to go it alone, while sometimes regretting being insulated. Its way of approaching the things is somewhat particular: rather rational and intellectual, it has however a strong intuition which allows him

to refine its judgement, from where an unquestionable perspicacity. It can be attracted by all the fields referring to work of the spirit: psychology, metaphysics, even parapsychology. The emotional life is not indifferent for him, although it is not always an easy field: its natural discretion, its reserve, its timidity, its lack of opening to the others do not facilitate the task to him. It likes nature, seeks calms it and the rest. In general, the events come to him without it needing to seek them or to cause them.

Through possible:
Maladjustment, pointillism, over-sensitiveness, inhibition, lack of opening to the others, tendency to remain in the abstract, to be satisfied to think and reflect.

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