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the 17

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By numerology, the data are identical to those of the Tarot. That is to say the person is generous and not involved; she will be then favoured.

In the contrary case; its selfishness will be emphasized. Your numerologic personal year is of the 17 or of the 8 (17=1+7=8), you can supplement this analysis by the mystery, blade 8, Justice.

For those and those which knew material losses, of money, last year, they are likely to spend much of energy to try to recover the losses .....

It will be a waste of time and effort. But it is not easily possible for the entourage, to render comprehensible to them that they lost what they have well badly invests. The year for the others, will be under a good star, it is even the least which one can say. : O)

If your heart passes before the wallet, or in any case, that this last does not pass in the foreground of your motivations; then that is very well. Your relations with the others, with your entourage will be pleasant.

You will be the companion or the partner it, more appreciated (E)

Confer aptitudes for the command, the direction of the men, the administration, management, and an interest for the business world. Effective, ambitious, energetic, the subject likes to set concrete goals to reach; material satisfactions do not leave it indifferent, and it will pass by alternative periods of prodigality and great financial stringency. The great projects do not frighten him, because it relies great on itself: broadly, it was born under a good star. Its sure judgement is accompanied by an unquestionable intuition allowing him energetic decision-makings. The large companies and the operations of scale are appropriate to him, whereas it prefers to entrust to others the execution and the intendance. The reason guides its feelings, and although sensitive, it will tend not to reveal the latter.

Through possible:
Self-centredness, dominating character, ambitiousness, meanness, like all the abuses of power.

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