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Le 24

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The numeric character gives him impulsive? Not to say that excessive and, in all areas of life.

For example, it's difficult to work with this person. The date of birth, totally added that led to that figure, gives a full personality. No half-measures. Any one or the other. On balance, they do not know.

If this figure is the result of 33; It may be a master in the spiritual plane. It is unfortunately seldom the case.

The moves anger are more frequent than spiritual impulses. The action first, after thinking ......

The stubbornness, they are obtuse, excessive in all areas. In my current benchmarks, in my view, the personality the most extreme of all the data that I work and feel in numerology.

But they are going after the goals they have set. They will undoubtedly provide the means. Somewhere in the price (strong) to be paid by the entourage. It's so complicated to explain because all areas are affected

Your birth day, or day + months of birth: 6-15-24-2 +4 = 33 = 3 +3 or whose date full results added to one of these figures and numbers

The 15 will be analyzed in the devil (15) and under the six on which we are (1 +5 = 6) In your year personal numerological is 6, the choices will be much in the spotlight.

The choice between the facility (for example, from the flesh, the quest for money, power), and the difficulty: to fight those same instincts .....

That's the dilemma of this year for you.

It is, for Christians compares with the temptations of Christ in the desert, it suffers all the temptations that were to assault the man. For humans, the humans that we are, we will regroup in the desert not literally, of course; But in a desert inside it, certainly. We reached our ego in some cases, such a size, of course, we do not need any help .....

Not of course, you want to experience these feelings, this desire for power, they need sex, it has no desire not to live ... We gave free rein to all these instincts.

If you are in 15 years, the year may be difficult, depending on the path you have chosen to follow.

For six years, adding 15 = 1 +5 itself choices, instead of a professional or personal, but much easier to manage. Choices yes, but I would say more classical

Confer the taste of the responsibilities and the aptitude to make reign peace and the harmony. The subject is energetic, active, conscientious, generous nice, and is very sensitized by the home environment, the hearth, the friends, tallies in whom it assumes responsibilities. Endowed with a strong imagination, it combines the practical direction, a side ground with ground and talents creative and artistic some. Tastes for the music, the theatre, or decoration can be present. On the sentimental level, safety and emotional balance will come, it is certain, but sometimes later that for the others. Previously it will be necessary to think of the others, their happiness, their balance, and to lavish all the love and all the attentions necessary to them.

Through possible:

Miss practical direction, agitation, tendency to amplify the emotions, invading over-sensitiveness, anxiety, anguishes or depressive states related to the need to make some too much.

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