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Le 6

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Does numerology give him an impulsive character? not to say excessive and this, in all the fields of the life.

It will be for example difficult to work in collaboration with this person. The date of birth, completely added which leads to this figure, gives a whole personality. No the half-measure. All one or all the other. the happy medium, they do not know.

If this figure is the result of 33; it can be a Master on the spiritual level. It is unfortunately well seldom the case.

The blows of anger are then more frequent than the spiritual dashes. The action initially, one reflects after ......

The stubbornness, they are blunt, excessive in all fields. In my current bench marks, it is in my eyes, the most extreme personality of the whole of the data which I work and feel in numerology.

But they go at the end of the goals which they set. They give each other the means incontestably. Some is the price (extremely) to pay by the entourage. It is so complex to explain because all the fields are concerned

Your day of birth, or, day + month of birth: 6 - 15 - 24=2+4 - 33=3+3 or whose added whole date leads to the one of these figures and numbers

The 15 will have to be analyzed under the devil (15) and under 6 on which we are (6=1+5) In your personal year the, numérologique one is into 6, the choices will be clearly with the honor.

The choices enter the facility (for example, of the flesh, the search of money, being able), and the difficulty: to fight against these same instincts .....

Here is the dilemma of this year for you.

It is, for the Christians to be compared with temptations of Christ in the desert, which undergoes there all temptations which were going to attack the man. For the man, the human one that we are, one will not be found in the desert with the clean direction of course; but in an interior desert, that, certainly. Us, our égo reaches in certain cases, such a size, that of course, one does not need assistance .....

Nonwell-sure, one wants to test these feelings, this desire for being able, these need sexual, one does not want no not the food… One leaves free court to all these instincts.

If you are in year 15, the year can be difficult, according to the way which you chose to follow.

For year 6, addition of the 15=1+5 in itself, choices, rather of a professional nature or personnel, but much easier to manage. Choices yes, but I would say, more traditional.

The 6 Confers the taste of the responsibilities and the aptitude for living and working in harmony with the others. Understanding and generous, helpful, conscientious, sympathetic nerve and pleasant, the subject particularly seeks peace, peace and the harmony, as well in the professional field as personal. The responsibilities do not frighten him, in particular in the family context where it generally shows a spouse or an ideal relative, particularly concerned by its close relations. With the research of the perfection in much of fields, and very esthète, it is sensitive to the beauty in all its forms and has a heart of artist: it would be interesting and opening out to be interested in an artistic hobby. Safety, as well financial as emotional, is necessary to its balance, and it will require as as one testifies consideration and affection to him.

Through possible:

Through possible: Exacerbated perfectionism, maniaquery, dissatisfaction, stubbornness, need to interfere in the businesses D others, risk to be too invading on the emotional level…

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