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Confer a nature extravertie, the taste of diversity, a very great adaptability, and an aspect sociable and charming, eclectic and light, which puts the subject perfectly at its ease in the activities of group. Qualities of order and organization are however present, combining rigour, method and art to put forward itself. Enthusiast of freedom, it seeks before all the new experiments, the changes and the voyages, particularly attracted by all that moves and evolves/moves. Sociable, merry, enthusiastic, it has a temperament of player. The risks do not frighten him, the more so as it has a certain chance. Oscillating between the objective world and the subjective world, it is not without having certain mediumnic capacities. The love life is not inevitably stable, and it will be able to live young person a first union likely not to last.

Through possible:

A too great taste for danger and an immoderate love of the adventure or adventures, instability and impatience, escape of the responsibilities and abuse for all the pleasures…

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