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Le 21

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Confer aptitudes in all the types of communication, written or oral expression, the voice being able to constitute an essential asset. The subject can have artistic, literary talents or of creation. Its personal magnetism is important: it is somebody whom one notices. Its manner of seeing the life is very particular, full with optimism, social direction, of user-friendliness, together with a certain lightness: the subject is not those which pose problems metaphysics. It is sensitive and the choice is at his place often problematic: it oscillates between two orientations, two loves, and its feelings lead it to pass by tops and bottoms, crises and questionings. Thus, the nerves are frequently put at hard test.

Through possible:

Spirit of seduction, self-satisfaction, tendency to impatience and dispersion, vain and sterile chatterings, commérages; delirious, sometimes morbid imagination.


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