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You have many assets in your play and confidence. You are what one calls in modern language a decision maker. Your action or your reflexion means that you want to take a new departure or that you refer to something of nine, again.

Thus indicate a desire of change almost radical, in any case major (friendship, love, working method).

You do not miss an initiative, of skill, smoothness of spirit, spontaneousness.

Your natural eloquence pushes you to make you hear, to include/understand. its capacity of adaptation is very important, by the day of birth, or the added whole date.

But it is to better avoid placing it on a foot of estal or idealizing it… Its narcissism, its nombrilism, can then become difficult to support. Its will and its independence give him the possibility of being a leader. But its égo risk to inflate in proportion of its successes. What touches with the public relations, or teaching attract it naturally.

The side intellect is on their premises, important. Your personality is obtained by your DAY or the addition of your DAY + MONTH of birth gives: 1 - 10 - 19 (9+1=10=1) - 28 (2+8=10=1) For one year 1 or 10, it is the beginning of a new cycle. Ideas full the head. Envy to pass to another thing.

But this year should not see for as much, the realization of the projects. It is too early. In extreme cases, it is the market research, time that the context is favourable.

It is in all the cases, in all the fields of the life: to leave on new bases. Very new bases… Surprising! Their independence is important. Their decision-makings, the spirit of initiative is thus obvious. The opposition to progress on their premises is quite as outstanding as the spirit of initiative

Confer aptitudes for the command and the organization rather than on the execution. An independent character, a solid feel practical, the will and the self-confidence allows about taking in hand the reins of its destiny, in particular in the exercise of a profession where one tends to be his own Master, or to assume a station of direction.

Vitality, energy, the dynamism are present, which makes it possible to multiply by ten the capacities of personal action. Proud and sensitive to the flattery, the subject has nevertheless need to be stimulated and encouraged to go until the end of its acts.

Through possible:
Self-centredness, domination, jealousy, pride, the hypertrophy of ego.

The intellect is important. Your personality comes through your JOUR or addition to your DAY + MONTHS gives birth: 1-10-19 (9 +1 = 10 = 1) - 28 (2 +8 = 10 = 1) For one year 1 or 10, it is the beginning of a new cycle. Indicatif head. Want to move on.
But this year should not see it, the realization of the projects. It's too early. At the limit, market research, the time that is conducive context.

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