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Le 27

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Numerology makes of him an utopian, an altruist. It has full with ideals in him. It dreams of…
Confer a temperament impassioned, likely to lead towards all the fields of knowledge: sciences, arts, religion, philosophy, psychology, parapsychology. Opened, human, generous, altruistic, the subject is receptive and sensitive to the needs and the feelings of the others, which returns it attracting. Determined and impassioned, all with the listening of others, it needs also calms, time and rest to reflect, study, meditate. The field of the dream and imagination is important, and all its acts will go in the direction of non-violence, peace and peace. It can have a role of Pasteur, of model, which opens the way At which gives the example. The sentimental field related to the world of the emotions is important, but the research of the ideal will be able to lead it to live a certain number of experiments before knowing stability.

Through possible:
Instability, inconstancy, Utopia, escape of realities, use of touts marginal means, or fanaticism, need for domination.

Its interior independence is impressive.
It could also be to guide the others here….
If the materialism, the need for safety did not imprison it.

Its idealism, its intuition must be able to push it towards a higher level of conscience….

Already heard that some share: O). For the days of birth, or day and month of birth: 9 - 18 - 27 - 36 or whose added whole date leads to the one of these figure and numbers.

If you are in year 9, it is better anything to engage.

Whether it is on the professional, sentimental or even friendly level.

The new cycle starts in one year, and this, even if the first steps are felt some as of now.

If you have a professional project, nothing to engage, it would be definitely too early.

The situation will be more favourable the next year. New ideas will certainly be put slowly, but in place.

Let come them, set up themselves most naturally possible. Loneliness (interior) is yours this year.

Too much among us precipitates on occasions of which they are persuaded that it is that of their life. They will return from there.

The 9 Confers aptitudes as regards art, of writing, and carries the subject to be been interested in audio-visual, publicity, the field of social in the broad sense, which enables him to express its philanthropic tendencies, with mysticism, or the esotericism. It is attracted by all the forms of contact with the public, and wants to be race of the men without borders. Soft, sensitive, emotive, broad of spirit,

human, altruistic, idealistic, it can be detached, sometimes too, of the material contingencies. It is the perfect type of the dreamer, somewhat utopian, its tendencies carry it to belong to social or humane movements, or to be devoted to a great cause concerning most unhappy or the most disinherited. This universal love is in addition not always taste of the spouse or the partner who would appreciate perhaps more exclusiveness.

Through possible:
Lapse of memory of oneself, invading emotivity, escape of reality, anguishes and depressive states.

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