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Le 23

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Confer a remarkable adaptability allowing to be driven in any professional environment or social. The subject is in love with the change, enthusiastic, extraverti and sociable, has an unquestionable gift for the human contacts: it can sell and be sold. Sensitive, eclectic, it is endowed with a creative temperament where imagination is accompanied by a great intuition. Its vitality and its taste for all that moves and evolves/moves lead it to the movement and get to him an unquestionable interest for the voyages, displacements, the adventure or the adventures. Endowed with a fast spirit and relevance, it includes/understands quickly, acts also quickly, and can work, although by jolts. On the emotional level, the tendency is with the many and renewed thunderbolts which always do not give the stability which would be appropriate to the partner…

Through possible:

Impatience and instability chronicles, escape of the responsibilities, under pretext of freedom, sentimental and sexual instability with the risks of diseases which accompany it.

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