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Le 5

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In numerology, the changes mark the carriers of this day of birth, of this figure of life (added whole date of birth). Displacements and the voyages are not a problem for them. If the addition of the date leads to this figure, they are there to teach with the others their knowledge; to divide it, to make some profit. Their sociability is important. The concept of family is at least important, even essential and necessary for some. They will reproduce the family diagrams which they themselves lived.

The diagrams of the past proved reliable… For the others of which the roots were torn off…. It is on the contrary a great independence which characterizes them, but always with great changes throughout their existence.

They can, with the image of the Emperor, to be authoritative, even tyrannical. It is perhaps their way of showing that they have a certain direction of the responsibilities… Very small little water in your wine: O) The concrete one is its world, the material unquestionably forms part of it.

Your day of birth, or day + month of birth: 5 - 14 - 23 - 32 or whose added whole date leads to the one of these figure and numbers

For the 14, this blade will be concerned (14=1+4=5), but also that of the 14 (temperance)

For your numerologic year 14 or 5 (1+4=5) generosity, especially if it is natural on your premise, the desire for giving, the desire for dividing will be development. You will have the feeling to be listened (E). Attention with the inflation of the head or the ankles. : O) You will feel the possibility of giving much, without discrimination…. Year very favorable for that which has a heart. It will require work with that or that which has a wallet in the place of the Love. : O)

The 5 Makes the subject extraverti and ready to succeed while working within groups. Talented, amusing, merry, enthusiastic, sociable, imaginative, in love with the change, it can adapt perfectly to any new situation and particularly appreciates the voyages, the adventure or the adventures. Intelligent, endowed with a sharp and analytical spirit, it generally has an original approach of the things. It is sensitive to refinement, the luxury, to perfection and adores food quickly, very quickly. On the emotional level, he does not like the constraints and wishes above all to preserve his freedom, seeking a reconciling test of which it will require much, and in which it will be necessary for him to have confidence.

Through possible:

Fickleness, instability, escape of the responsibilities, selfishness, abuse the pleasures, circular dredging, exitability, nervousness, lack of continuation in the ideas.

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