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Le 4

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The 4 Confers aptitudes for work, the organization and management. Very hard-working, conscientious, responsible, serious, patient, persevering, given, the subject is worthy of confidence and can advance gradually in spite of the apparent limitations. Practical and rational, it can show a certain rigidity and sometimes even of narrow-mindedness. The field of the feelings and the emotions is not its fort, its reserve natural and its difficulty of expressing its feelings make him sometimes wrong. It can suffer that that seems indifference. Very attached to the details, it will have to take care not to lose sight of the fact essence. In love with nature, concerned with the family and the hearth, it is rather preserving and traditionalist.

Through possible:

Rigidity, tendency to routine, difficulty of adaptation, inhibitions, need to accumulate and to reassure themselves, lack of sociability, meanness.

Numerology confers a great independence to him. Its day of birth or the addition of its date of birth, make it so independent and authoritative, that it is to better guide it as of childhood. It is the type-even of that which does not like to be directed. It wants to be its clean-owner. Very Cartesian, it is smelled well in the concrete one, the material. The remainder seems to him to be limiting… The irrational one is not really its cup of tea. Its practical direction in the daily newspaper is appreciated.

But its natural authority can make it difficult to live, especially while advancing in age.

For year 13 or 4. There, the turn is impressive. It was three years old to mature in us. 3 years during which one wondered in which universe, in which new life one could embark This year in particular, the famous 13 (death) of the Tarot of Marseilles takes all his direction.

The death of part of the past. Obligatory passage to another way of life will estimate that its experiment is the best which is.

For the days of birth, or day + month of birth: 4 - 13 - 22 - 31 or whose added whole date leads to the one of these figure and numbers.

The old life moves away each day more, the friendships, the old motivations.

But of new relations, of new friendships arrive….
They pointed the end of their nose, in the current of the year previous! These new relations, correspond more to what awaits you. They take part, just like we take part (often without the knowledge of our full liking), with the evolution of these new friendships. This year is extremely important.

If it is not lived also positively, constructivement, one has to expect to have the feeling to undergo.
The Elements showed the way to us, but it is not accepted. One does not want so much that the old life from goes away .....

However, in much of fields, it is essential.

Logically, as of the month of birthday, concretizes (if one did not have it before), the idea of what awaits you in the next years. All the elements are set up.

Some which you will manage, of yourself, others which will come quite naturally from outside. All will be set up, gently, slowly, but surely.

You will be able instinctively to put at it all the assets which matured in you, since these 3 last years.
The changes are seizing; impressive.
Accept them completely, have confidence. : O)
It is the Emperor (13=1+3=4) who builds .....
Not exclusively for itself, but also for the others. It wants to bring its experiment to the others.
Heu, the feeling of being able is important, especially if the ego, pride are powerful; then attention with the abuse of authority.

You are there to build; not to crush. : O)


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