The numerology of your month of birth or what want to say the month of birth

Each date of birth means something, each element of this date is a description of something of the personality. My matter is to say to you here on this page a small significance of your month of birth

You were born at January: 1

It is the month of the ambitious one, you want some, and you give each other of them much the means.

You were born at February: 2

In fact the month will give a more considered personality, a character more contained

You were born in March: 3

It is the month of emotional, the sensitivity, emotivity

You were born in April: 4

The month of the builders, of the personalities which do not know the concept of sacrifice, simply because it is natural on their premises. They make some naturally. They advance though it occurs.

You were born in May: 5

It is the month of the conservatives, of the traditionnalists. They are easily moralists. They like the concept of family

You were born in June: 6

It is a a little distinct personality. The opinions are stopped, and not large thing cannot make some move.

You were born in July: 7

It is the month of the free personalities or on the contrary captive

You were born in August: 8

These personalities do not hesitate to slice. They make what must be made

You were born in September: 9

It is the month of the idealists

You were born in October: 10

They like that the things advance, the stagnation is not their cup of tea

You were born in November: 11

Courage to be resold for these personalities.

You were born in December: 12

It is as much a great spirit of sacrifice as extravagant. It is one of the most extravagant month of the year.


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