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21 the fool
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reversed fool/world

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Meaning of the Bateleur or Magician in the tarot


POSITIVE: BEGINNING, INITIATIVE, ADDRESS, DEBROUILLARDISE creation, authority, autonomy, ambition, personality, concentration

NEGATIVE: ERROR, ESTRANGEMENT, a SWINDLER, a LIAR opposition to progress, lack of initiative, selfishness, domination, pride, loneliness, failure, obsession

FOR The FIELDS OF LIFE A TWO: of couple, professional, friendly, financial:

The person of which you think is a skilful, independent person and débrouillarde. She can perfectly adapt the means to arrive at her ends and can thus arrive to her goal. She shows dynamism of creativity and will.

Currently it is ready to accept any initiative of your share, to begin a project insofar as it represents something again and if however you can respect his independence. If you show character of diplomacy and of conviction in your ideas or projects this person is ready to follow you and to begin any action. But all these qualities employed at less positive ends can make to this person a being intriguing go-getter and without scruples using all kinds of tricks and artifices in order to better deceive you. It is also as one can recognize the swindlers impostors and the charlatans.

Then a council if you do not know really this person not precipitation await evidence of its good faith.


A council: you engage with light as of the first meets this person can show crafty one then test Si this test is positive no blocking this person is available your motivations interest it, do not hesitate to launch you! But especially hold in breath have always new ideas to expose to him: all new project enthusiasm.


If your project is original or precursory this person is ready to follow you in her realization. But remain despite everything prudent(e) with respect to this person, reflect well before granting your confidence to him unless you do not know it long date this person can be useful yourselves of you in fine manner and crafty one to support her advance. She has more than one turn in her bag!

IF YOUR RELATIONS RELATE TO THE FINANCIAL FIELD: No hesitation you can count on this person to bring the means necessary to you to the realization of your project. But weigh well for and it against before engaging you with respect to it; this person can use tricks of Sioux for better using your money with her profit.

What means this blade, according to its site, within the framework of a pulling in cross of the tarot of Marseilles, which it is for you or another person:

On left, all the elements are in place for launching, to apply a new project.

On right-hand side, the lack of initiative, the opposition to progress is obvious, but the chart top, will say if evolution or involution.

In top, initiatives will be possible, you will be able to act.

In bottom, that can be a new departure, all is set up little by little. The new relation or company will be able to advance.

Synthesis: The consultant must before-all count on itself. He is initially alone in his company, in his project. With him all to implement. According to its position in pulling Right-hand side, this chart encourages the consultant to take initiatives.

It announces the one period beginning of its life. It will be able to take a new departure. It brings a meeting and insufflates energy necessary to launch a project, a sentimental relation. Reversed, it alerts the consultant on the risk to be the play of an opportunist and interested seduction.

The 1 in numerology

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