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Why and how I reversed the order of the two last blades of the Tarot of Marseilles: the fool and the 21-22 world

1 magician
2 popess
3 empress
4 emperor
5 pope
6 in love
7 carriage
8 justice
9 hermit
10 wheel of fortune
11 force
12 hung
13 without name
14 temperance
15 devil
16 house god
17 star
18 the moon
19 sun
20 judgement
21 the fool
22 world
reversed fool/world

I received this question about the forum: Why to have put the number 22 on the World whereas one gives him number 21 traditionally?? Thank you for the answer (I deliver the question such as it to you was posed to me. It is reproduced on the forum, therefore you can go to check). Here my answer, there too just as it is:

Hello: O)

I include/understand your astonishment completely. It was ofeven for me the first time where I discovered this data. I try more clearly to explain it by rebuilding this site. It is the case on this page, on this new site

I thus worked the tarots of Marseilles (in 1999). And, for a reason which I am unaware of, I had inward conviction that it was aberrant to find the mystery, the blade of insane systematically, apart from the other blades. It does not even have a number or of figure! This chart however has its whole place in the complete play of the 22 blades.

Therefore, it was a conviction for me, but without another concrete proof.

A few times afterwards, I had between the hands, a book about which I speak on the site: meditations on the mysteries of an unknown author, who wished to keep anonymity. The book is enormous, very complex and as of the first pages, I understood that one could not make use of it for pullings. But the explanations on the mysteries were remarkable on all the plans which really the tarot touches.

I thus read the book for each mystery. And, surprised, following the pages on the Judgement (blade 20), I discover that the mystery following treated is the Insane one/Mat. Which is not my astonishment of reading what I so strongly felt on this blade: The book thus placed the last blades: 20, judgement; 21, insane/chechmate; 22, the world. I said myself whereas I was not alone
lit to hold this feeling.

Concurrently to this book, I had another, rather old, of explanations, but definitely simpler and synthesized that the precedent. I open it to see, at the end, and Oh Surprise! , the author explains completely my felt. I found on the whole 5 books which join this explanation.

It is unthinkable in my eyes, as with the eyes of these authors he seems, to hold with this point with the variation, a blade which has its place absolutely, with it also a number with the signature of the other blades. After the reading of “meditations on the mysteries”, I understood that it was erroneous to hold this blade in-outside play.

The Tarot is the complete spiritual course of the human one! Arrived at blade 20 of the Judgement, which describes the beginning of the course of the individual on an absolutely spiritual level. The man is helped by the elements to leave his yoke, his prejudices, his assets .....

He then becomes the insane one/chechmate, the 21. He very often indeed only is not seen like one illuminated, like an eccentric. In a certain manner, which escapes any materialist of course, it tries from to go away, it makes large effort, still tried by the human pleasures (on certain plays, represented by the dog tearing the bottom of its trousers to him)

But it makes fun about it. It leaves the world of ease, of comfort to sail towards skies well disagreements of those which one imagines. Of course, this individual does not leave very behind him. It is not asked to him to separate from all its way of life. Not, but it moves towards an unknown destiny. It has confidence, it acquires a confidence in its becoming, it separates from the fears, the doubts…. Of all that blocks the individual in his spiritual search.

It is at this stage, with this new way of seeing the things, which it becomes the world which takes the value of 22 then. The being is free. It feels able to fight in the life of the every day. It acquires all the forces which are represented by the Sphinx:

Knowledge of the human brain
To dare to rise with the force of the eagle
To want with the power of the lion
To keep silent itself, concentration, symbolized by the bull

Often, when one obtains the world in a pulling of tarot, it is one of most luminous. The interpretation of pulling will be more positive. The blade from the world, of 22 thus, is the symbol par excellence of freedom, the success

I can only say that it is not inevitably my explanation which will be clearest; simply because it is not obvious to put words on completely spiritual concepts.

I however hope a little to have answered your question.

So long


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